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Garage Door Spring Repair- Importance and Risk Involved

Your garage is an integral part of your property that helps you in parking your car safely. Also, many garages connect the exteriors and the interior living area. This factor alone makes it imperative for you to opt for and use a sturdy garage door. Using a durable and quality garage door, apart from protecting your car against wear and tear, would also help keep break-in and burglary attempts at bay.

A general garage door has a complex mechanism and consists of numerous parts, which work in tandem when the door is opened or closed. One of the most important equipment amongst these is garage door spring. Garage door springs are designed to counterbalance and support the weight of a garage door and allow the door to operate smoothly.

Garage door springs are usually categorized into two types: extension springs and torsion springs.  Extension springs are located above the upper horizontal tracks on either sides of a garage door. These springs are designed to spread when the door is opened. The extent to which these springs spread is directly proportional to the force that is applied.

Extensions springs can go awry in the event of a bracket failure or other complications. These garage door spring systems should always be paired with safety cables to counter this problem.

On the other hand, torsion springs use torque to raise or lower a garage door. These springs are located above the garage opening and twist slowly, eventually coiling whenever force is applied. Torsion springs are considered to be safer than extension springs due to the fact that they consist of fewer exposed parts and can support more weight and offer great balance.

On the other hand, extension springs are priced affordably and are thus the more popular of the two garage door spring systems.

Irrespective of your choice, you should never forget that garage door springs are mechanical equipment and are subjected to high tension levels every time you operate the door. This causes wear and tear and makes these parts susceptible to break downs and damage. A broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring can spell doom and can result in the garage door coming down which can cause heavy damage to life and property.

Also, repairing or replacing a garage door spring is a highly specialized task. Any wrong step can have serious and irreversible repercussions causing injuries and even damage to other parts.

Using a malfunctioning garage door spring can shorten the life of your garage door drastically. It is for these reasons that you should avail expert services to get a solution to your problems as soon as possible. If you’re in Elk Grove, CA, we at Garage Door Repair, Elk Grove, CA would be more than happy to help you.

Our experts are proficient at providing a range of garage door services including torsion spring replacement and garage door spring replacement.  We also deal in garage door torsion springs as well as extension springs and heavy duty springs for garage door built by renowned manufacturers. Also, we offer garage door springs lifetime warranty. You can call us during any time of the day or night to get a malfunctioning spring repaired or replaced from our experts.

Our Strength

Our expert team consists of industry professionals who have years of experience under their belt. These experts handle a range of garage door spring variants on a regular basis and are knowledgeable about the mechanism and functioning of different garage door parts.

Also, these technicians are well aware of the perilous nature of their job and take all the necessary precautionary steps, which helps ensure that no damage to life or property is caused during the course and after the completion of the project.

Do you have a broken spring? Don’t panic! Just give us a call and our experts will advise you on what to do if garage spring breaks. Availing such consultation services will help you in responding effectively to a range of garage door issues.

We believe in providing quality services at affordable rates as we are aware of the fact that you as a homeowner have to foot several bills at the end of the month and the last thing that you’d want is to dig deep into your pockets to pay for maintenance and repair costs.

We also provide free estimates for garage door torsion spring repair cost and other services. This helps in maintaining transparency and also enables a homeowner in planning their finances well.

Non-Stop Services

Garage door springs or any other parts can snap during any time of the day or night and render an entire garage door system useless. Imagine experiencing such an issue during the dead of the night. You may be forced to scamper from pillar to post to find an adept provider.

It is due to this reason that we provide 24/7 services, 365 days a year. You can call us during any time of the day or night to get a solution to your garage door issues. We assure you of offering quality services, be it in the form of torsion spring replacement for garage door or any other type of spring repair or replacement servicess.

We also take up emergency cases, solutions to which are offered within the same day itself. These cases are treated on a priority basis as we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that a homeowner does not have to put up with a malfunctioning or a broken garage door for a long time.

All these services are provided at no extra cost as we believe in providing you the best possible services at the most affordable rates. You can also contact us during any time of the day or night to avail yourself of garage door spring warranty service from us.

You’re of Prime Importance for us

Satisfying our customers by providing them with quality services is our primary objective. To honor this commitment, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the services provided to all our customers. We’d be more than happy to make modifications in order to meet your specific needs and requirements.

You can give us a call to schedule an appointment according to your convenience. Also we assure you that all the waste products will be disposed of properly before our team leaves your work site. This will help in restoring your property to its former state and will also help you in avoiding inconveniences and hassles.