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Garage Door Installation – How Important it Really is?

Your garage door is designed to serve multiple purposes. On one hand, it protects your car from the deleterious effects of wear and tear and on the other, it also discourages break-in and burglary attempts. Also, manufacturers have been coming up with varied designs and collections to cater to the needs of their customer base, which has increased the number of options for homeowners.

It is worth mentioning that an average garage door is built to last anywhere between 15-20 years. You’ll face numerous inconveniences and hassles while operating your garage door once this period gets over. Also, garage doors manufactured before 1993 do not come with the reversal mechanism. You should go for new garage door installation immediately in case you own an older model.

New garage door installation can prove to be quite tricky, especially if you lack the required expertise to perform this task effectively. Also, you’d have to first detach the old door, assemble the replacement and then install it. The entire process entails several steps, which are only understood in detail by professionals.

Also, the margin of error is minimal when it comes to executing specialized tasks concerning new garage door installation. A wrong step, apart from undoing all your efforts, can also cause your bulky garage door to collapse, which is the last thing you’d want.

It is for these reasons that you should always seek new garage door installation services from experts and professionals while going for a replacement. If you’re in Elk Grove, we at Garage Door Repair, Elk Grove, CA would be happy to assist you. We employ a team of industry professionals who have years of experience in offering new garage door installation and other services to our different customers.

Our experts are adept in handling a range of garage door variants manufactured by different renowned brands such as Amarr, CHI, Clopay, Midland, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, LiftMaster, Sears and Northwest door.

Our Expertise

We believe in providing a range of garage door services under one roof in order to enable our customers to get a solution to all their issues at one place. This is the reason why apart from providing troubleshooting services, we also deal in different garage door variants such as metal garage doors, roll-up garage doors, insulated garage doors, stylish and customizable wooden garage doors, carriage style garage doors and carriage house garage doors.

Our professionals are adept in offering new garage door installation services for standard single-size garage doors, which usually measure 10”x7”, 9”x7” and 8”x7” as well as double garage doors which are bigger and heavier than single-size garage doors and usually come in three sizes – 16”x7”, 14”x7” and 12”x7”.

Our collection includes conventional garage door sizes as well as bulky and oversized garage doors. This makes us a one-stop solution center for all your garage door needs.

One of the most important factors that makes us stand apart from other garage door service providers is the customized services that we offer to our clients. We can alter the dimensions of your garage door if required to suit your needs and requirements.

We also install garage door panels and do window installation and can offer a sustainable solution to all your new garage door installation issues no matter what the make and model of your garage door is.  

All our experts keep themselves updated about different garage variants that have stormed the market during the past few years and are capable of providing automatic garage door installation, which is not the easiest of garage door tasks due to the various wiring mechanisms involved, as well as manual garage door installation services to our customers.

Contact us today to get your garage door installed safely, effectively and swiftly.

Providing Round-the-Clock Services for Years

One of the reasons why garage door issues are considered to be serious is because of their unpredictable nature. A problem can go unnoticed for weeks or even months, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many times it has been observed that new garage door installation and other issues gain prominence over a period of time due to the failure of a homeowner to avail themselves of these specialized services when required.

To address this issue, we offer 24/7 services and do not close down even on weekends and public holidays. Round-the-clock operations have enabled us in providing real-time services. This helps us ensure that a problem is tackled at the point of origin itself, so that its growth is checked and it does snowball into a major issue at a later stage.

We also take up emergency cases which demand our immediate attentions. Solutions to such problems are provided on a priority basis.

We believe in providing quality services to our customers at affordable prices . This is the reason why we don’t charge any extra fees for the above-mentioned specialized services. We appreciate the trust that you show in us and assure you about providing top-notch services every time you prefer us over other providers.  We also come up with periodic offers and provide equipment on sale.

 Our Expert Team – Our Core Strength

Offering new garage door installation and other related services is a highly specialized task and can be handled effectively only by a person who lives and breathes garage doors. Our experts are seasoned professionals who have been operating out of this industry for years. These technicians handle a range of garage door variants and equipment on a regular basis and are well aware of the problems that plague different garage door models.

This knowledge is applied to good use while providing new garage door installation and other services.  Also garage door repair tasks entail their share of risks. Any wrong step can cause your bulky garage door to collapse, which can cause heavy damage to life and property.

Our team members are aware of these issues and do not forget to take all the safety precautions. It is this attention to details that has enabled us in maintaining a healthy safety rate over the years.

Also, we train our experts to be courteous to our customers. They understand the need of communicating with the customers in a simple and lucid language which they can understand and avoid using technical jargons which can result in confusion and mayhem. This also helps ensure that both the parties involved are on the same page.

Expert Assistance Just a Phone Call Away

We schedule appointments according to your convenience. All customers have to do is to give us a call and register their service request with us. We follow a strict time schedule and our team reports to a homeowner’s site within an hour.

We also understand that new garage door installation and other related tasks can create a mess and getting rid of all the waste products can be an arduous task for homeowners. To address this problem, we always ensure that a service area is cleaned off and things are returned to normal once our job is done.